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SEO Packages & Prices

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We offer our customers a PYOB (pick your own budget) pricing model.

It’s common knowledge amongst contractors and consultants that when developing fixed-bid proposals it’s necessary to pad the bid – often 2 – 3 times over – to cover unexpected costs in time or money. Those unexpected costs might be extra client meetings and phone calls, multiple revisions, repairs and redos, and software bug fixes, to name the most common.  But sometimes none of that happens. Then what? On a fixed bid, you pay anyway.

This is why we prefer the pay per hour and PYOB (pick your own budget) model. You get what you pay for, and only pay for what you get.

You get what you pay for, and only pay for what you get!
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PYOB also gives you high-end services that are normally out of reach, at a price you can afford

What we really love about PYOB – and you should too (besides the fact you get what you pay for) –  is we are not confined to a particular package that is defined by a particular price point. No matter what budget you are on, we’ll pick whatever task we think will give you the best ROI – even if it is a task that we might have otherwise limited to a more expensive package – as long as it fits in within your budget.

How much should you spend on SEO?

It depends on what stands between you and your competition and what the value of a first place position is to you.  Done right, SEO is an investment, not a cost. For example, there are at least 860 searches on average in Google per month for a plumber in San Jose. According to research by Chitika, the first place position in Google gets roughly 31% of the clicks. So how much is 31% of 860 (or 266) phone calls a month worth to you? We’ll ask you to figure out that piece, then we’ll do the research and tell you honestly what we think is possible for you. If we don’t feel we can get you a positive return on your SEO investment, we’ll tell you.

Rank is great. Phone calls are better.

Being #1 definitely has its advantages, but you can have all the web traffic in the world and if your website is a turn-off, then you’ve wasted your SEO dollars. So never hire an SEO because their price is right! Hire them because they deliver results. And to do that, they need skills in marketing, content writing, analytics, research, and much more. Kat & Mouse brings all those skills to the SEO table to get you results.

Pick your own budget – PYOB

Here’s how our pricing works. We start with a low fixed price. That assures us we have enough budget to get a stake in the ground and a foundation that will start to work for you. (You can see those foundations below.) Then you buy blocks of hours to be used within a month – and we really do use up that time. SEO is never ending so we don’t stop until the clock does.

The more hours you purchase at one time, the cheaper they are.

How We Bill

4-8 hrs
$199 per hour
12-28 hrs
$149 per hour
32 – 40 hrs
$125 per hour
44+ hrs
$99 per hour

SEO Katalyst Prices

Local SEO

Starts at
$599 month

For one location
3 month minimum

Typically a 3 month engagement only. After which, we move to maintenance at $199-$299/mo or organic SEO as needed.

Google Plus, Yahoo, and Bing setup and optimization

Facebook Local business page setup and optimization

Yelp setup and optimization

One city-optimized page

Website optimized for local (up to 15 pages)

Citation building

Monthly rank report for 10 keywords

Monthly competitive report


Website Sentry Package

Review system

Reputation monitoring

Organic SEO

Ranges from
$1,000 – $15,000 month

6 month minimum

Small businesses fall on the low end of cost. Price goes up as competition and number of targeted keywords go up.

Keyword & position research

Competitive research

Website content optimization for SEO and conversions

SEO website framework

Website SEO audit

Backlink analysis

Content marketing strategy

Content calendar recommendations

Content creation (depending on budget)

High-quality link building

Conversion optimization

Social media content distribution

Social media strategic alliance building

Social bookmarking

Blog commenting to drive traffic

Monthly reporting


SEO Consulting

Starts at
$1,500 month

Requires additional 1st month research & initiation fee. No monthly minimum.


Here’s what we do as your company’s SEO consultant:

Perform preliminary market and competitive research

Perform keyword research

Perform backlink audit

Look for backlink opportunities and develop backlink campaigns

Create an SEO strategy

Make content recommendations each month either for your website or your blog

Provide you or your writer with an outline for each recommended blog topic

Optimize your new content each month

Scour Google Analytics and Webmaster Tools for problems and new opportunities each month

Correct on-site technical issues

Perform conversion optimization throughout the site as necessary to assure traffic we drawn in is converting

Keep a vigilant eye on the competition and the market in search of new opportunities

Train you and your staff how to continue on and take over if desired.


Is SEO worth it? …YES!

Done right, by a smart team, SEO can dramatically and positively affect your bottom line.
Can Kat & Mouse deliver?

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