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Stop playing cat & mouse with your customers!

9 out of 10 of your website vistors are leaving without starting a conversation because your messaging doesn’t speak to them.

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We’re powering up websites with a strong messaging framework in San Jose, Santa Cruz, San Francisco and all across the nation.

You can have the prettiest website on the planet, but so does everyone else. So how do you impress?

The answer is in your message.

If you’re a professional service firm, you lose 90% of the leads coming to your website everyday, and if yours is a retail business that goes up to 98%. What a waste!

Why is your website letting those sales slip by?

  • You’ve failed to address the pain your customer seeks a solution for.
  • You do address your customer’s pain, but you haven’t communicated the value of your offer.
  • You’ve failed to differentiate yourself from the pack.
  • You’ve failed to convince your customer that premium service comes with a premium price.
  • Your customer is condifent they’ve landed on the right place but doesn’t know what to do.

Your competitors are just a click away, and so away they go, off to find greener pastures.

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What if you could turn this mass exodus around?

You’d probably be taking more vacations, that’s for sure. Well, good news is you can turn this around. And you might be surprised how simple it can be with Kat & Mouse’s Core Messaging Framework to power up your website. It’s what powers up every website we build, and what’s behind all of our SEO initiatives. It’s really the secret sauce to everything we do, and now we bring it to you in a standalone product.

Here’s what our Core Messaging Framework will do for you…

  • Define your target market in detail so you know how to speak to them
  • Get the conversations started with your website visitors so they don’t leave in such a hurry to find the next– BETTER – thing
  • Differentiate your value proposition so you don’t sound like everyone else
  • Give your visitors a compelling reason to do business with you
  • Keep the conversation going and guide visitors down your sales funnel, no matter what stage of the sales cycle they are in

No website should be without it.

From our over 18 years of experience developing websites, we’ve found this to be what makes the difference between success and failure online.  And because we want everyone to succeed, we provide a do-it-yourself messaging framework builder or you can hire us to do it for you.

But having your core message ironed out  is not enough.
How you incorporate it into your website is equally important.

And doing it right involves skills in copywriting, graphic design, marketing, web development, conversion optimization, and even psychology. That’s where we come in. This is our favorite part of internet marketing and what we do best.

If you’re tired of losing those 9 out of 10 visitors, you’ve come to the right place.
We can make a difference for you.

Want to know what it will take to get your site up to snuff?

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