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For Public Speaking and Meetup Presentations

“Kathy, Quite frankly, I am stunned. Wow. This is absolutely fantastic. Incredible. I could not be happier with your work. You have set the level of the bar of work provided by a consultant to a new level for me.”
Dr. Andrew Cook, vitalhealth.com

“Kathy did a presentation for Northern California Social Media Visionaries on SEO this past Weds night, she was awesome! I had heard several SEO presentations in the past and no one has explained it as well as she had. I am still blown away!
Jeffrey H. Levine, Transforming your Business through Social Currency

Kathy Long was dynamite. I’ve been to a lot of meetup presentation, and this was one of the most informative one I’ve seen.
Sarah Isenberg, Web Consultant

“Loved your presentation. In fact, I am doing a presentation to some insurance and finance guys in a few weeks and will be including your company in our ‘Resource Guide’ handout. You are the local search expert!
Brian Childers

“Kathy gave a great presentation full of useful information to help your company become noticed and move to the top of the list. This is the kind of information we need to be successful!
Tom Barber

“I learned so much during Kathy’s presentation–I”m ready to claim my Google Place! Kathy’s discussion was lively and so informative–I could have listened to her for at least 2 more hours! Thanks Kathy.
Susan McCay, Copywriter

Kathy is a wealth of knowledge and delivered an eye opening presentation into local search tips and tricks. I have three pages of notes that I will put to practice ASAP. Thanks Kathy!!”
Brian Childers

“Kathy was excellent! There’s so much more than I realized to a successful Google campaign. Hopefully she speak again so she can elaborate on some of the key areas.”
Maggie Barr

“Kathy was responsive to members questions and gave a very helpful overview of different elements that will boost a website’s ranking.”
Marie Chan

“Great presentation yesterday! They were all on the edge of the seat the whole meeting.”

To book public speakings at your business or Meetup group, please call 408-647-2327.

For Web Design and SEO

Kat & Mouse achieved top ranking in all major search engines for all our keywords, and our website remains there 9 years later! Without reservation, we recommend Kat & Mouse!
– CSFW Personal Injury Law

The worst day of our lives was the day we told our competitor about Kat & Mouse!
– D. Fulton

Thank you for such a great website!  We get tons of information calls from the site and over half of our new business now comes straight from the internet, thanks to you. Your expertise at Search Engine Optimization had really been a huge benefit for us.  We completely dominate the internet now! Thank you for being so easy to communicate with and a pleasure to work with. I look forward to other projects with you in the future!”
– Craig Lynch, Owner, operator, Starlite Dance Club

Wow, you did it again!  My site is already at the top of Google maps in several categories. Thank you for
your wonderful expertise!” – Craig, www.pianolessonswithcraig.com

I’ll definitely have to give all my family members the brochure & web site. Speaking of which that site is excellent, fabulous, professional & way better than I could have imagined it would be. I forgot who you said did the web site, but I appreciate that person.”
– Jonathan Leys

I checked out the “Santa Cruz Cares” web-site and want to congratulate you and your team on a tremendous job. It looks wonderful, and presents very professionally. I appreciate the changes and amendments to the original site that have been made.
– Johan Combrinck, President of AFnet, Inc

The web site looks professional and navigates easily–great job!”
– Paul Spurlock, Missions Pastor, Twin Lakes Church

The site looks great. Thanks for your continued support for Johan and the Kingdom.
– Ron Shearer, AFnet supporter

I cannot brag enough about the beauty of the web site.
– Claudia Grossi, Santa Cruz Cares member of the executive committee

I have a great deal of respect for Kat, owner of Kat & Mouse. She is one of the most talented people I have ever known. Anything she puts her mind to she does with grace, passion and excellence.
– Patricia Rain, Vanilla Queen, The Vanilla Company
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Kathy! You’re a genius and I’m so lucky to have found you. You’re an expert and you’re FAST. And you’re a pleasure to work with.
– Korrine Fitz, Smarty Pants Underwear

Even though we’re still in the middle of this “spring cleaning” of our site, I wanted to take a minute to thank you for your work. I am grateful for your quick response, your good ideas, and your ability to translate my cryptic ideas and messages into something on the web that looks great and works! I’m eagerly anticipating the launch of the site. Everyone at ProFound is also thrilled at the clean “look and feel.” Thanks very much for coming to the rescue with such flair!
Jim Gordon, ProFound Employment Services

I was surfing the net looking for a web designer and was lucky enough to find Kat & Mouse. The minute I saw their web site, I knew I wanted Kat & Mouse to create my web site. I have to tell you, I made the right choice. I called Kathy and in the first two minutes knew she was the one. When we had our first meeting, Kathy had a vision for RVD and told me about possibilities I never even knew existed. Kathy gave me a quote for my project and after I gave her the green light went right to work. I am absolutely more than satisfied and am so happy with her work. My site is more than I ever imagined. Kat & Mouse is the best Also, I must give thanks to “Sim” the guy behind the scenes who did all the programming for my terrific database-driven site; he made all of the trick elements happen. Thanks so much to both of you.
– Casper, RV-Discounts

…I’ve been talking to other programmers, but none of them seems to appreciate the situation the way you do. I’m getting a lot of, “Well it’s html, so I guess it would work on both Mac and PC.” Quite frankly, given a choice between a print-out form that the enduser fills in by hand for $100 or a glossy, self-tabulating shopping cart for $3,500, I’m going to have to go with the cheaper option. I can’t thank you enough for bringing the Extensis software to my attention, even at the possible expense of your own business. That’s extraordinary customer service! I will certainly contact you whenever I decide to upgrade to the automated shopping cart, and anytime I need online design.
– Matthew Connelly

As funny as this sounds, yours is the FIRST web site that I can recall seeing made by a web site designer that actually looked good. You’d thing it would be a common occurrence but it ain’t. I was checking out the web site you did for Del Monte Aviation and it looks exceptional. Simple. Quick. Easy to navigate. Everything the web is supposed to be. Congratulations.
– Robert Frenchu

A pleasure to create with. A pleasure to learn from, too. We give top recommendations to Kat & Mouse. If you don’t believe it, check out our new site. www.time-warp.org created by the kat’s meow of web designers … Thanks and our salute to the team at Kat & Mouse.
– Laura Greenfield, Time-Warp

I just wanted to tell you what a terrific site you dev1eloped for us. Cece was just here and we took a little tour and it was great. Thank you for all the time and energy you and Cece put into this site.
– Rose Bratkowsky, Million Air Monterey

I am a board member of the SC SPCA and I wanted to thank you for helping design a great site for our shelter. THSNK YOU, THANK YOU. THANK YOU:-)))
– Kathy Borello, Santa Cruz SPCA

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The worst day of my life is the day I told my competitor about Kat & Mouse.

D. Fulton

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