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How to find local business customers in Twitter

Contrary to what you may have heard, when it comes to small and local business marketing, Twitter is not for the birds. And it certainly is not a waste of time – as long as don’t become a social butterfly and you actually get down to the business of getting new customers. Let’s explore some ways to do that. This first blog on the topic will be on how to find your local prospects in Twitter first.

Find your target market in Twitter

If you haven’t defined your target market, then you’ve been amiss because it should have been one of your first objectives when you started your businesses. So let’s assume you have that, and let’s say for illustration sake that you are a local vegetarian restaurant. Your target market then might be everyone within 5 miles of your establishment who might be health conscious or have heart disease, or who might be a member of PETA. How do you find them in Twitter?

Site audit: Internet marketing advice for a sex toy site

This site audit is my gift to Chrystal Bougon in return for her generous contribution to Team in Training and the Leukemia Lymphoma Society on my behalf. Thank you Chrystal!

Did the title get your attention?

This reminds me of when I was running for student body secretary. I guess was a born marketer and didn’t even know it.

One of my campaign posters was completely black except for big, white text that read SEX, and under that in very tiny white print it said, “Now that I have your attention, vote for Kathy for secretary.”

It worked because during the lunch hour on the first day I posted it, a crowd of students flocked around it. Problem is, it offended the janitor so he took it down and gave me a tongue lashing. But I had already accomplished my goal, i.e., get attention.

That was then, but times have changed. These days people are much more open about their sexuality and Chrystal Bougon is using that to her advantage with her off and online adult toy store called “Bliss Connection.”

And while she’s doing well locally, she’s not getting much attention in the national market. This is because her business exists in a VERY CROWDED space and competes online against big guns (no pun intended) that spend upwards of $140,000 a month on PPC ads to assure they are seen on that first page in Google!

No way! Seth Godin “LIKED” my Facebook Page?

Or, “How to use the new Facebook Page update to your business advantage”

If you’re like me you have the Facebook app installed on your iPhone and so you’re used to seeing wall posts and messages light up your phone screen periodically. The other day was no exception, but when one came through early in the morning before the break of dawn and lit up my bedside table where my iPhone lay, I really took notice. Who’s up so early I wondered? I picked up my iPhone to see.

Is social media bu!!sh*t? Psst. Anyone out there?

Wait! Don’t hop off. Stick around. I have a fun test for you.

I finally did it. I jumped onto Twitter. I’ve been resisting because, frankly, it looked like a waste of time except for an elite “few.” But to my surprise, I’m picking up tons of valuable information from other professionals in my field which includes staying abreast of news in my industry and picking fantastic tips and ideas.

But I’m just a Gobe in a big, wide sea of fish

That said, and with only about 50 followers in each Twitter and Facebook, I’m still left wondering how much value can someone like me add or attract, so I came up with a test. If you decide to get involved, you can also help draw attention to a woman who deserves your recognition.

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