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Is social media bu!!sh*t? Psst. Anyone out there?

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Wait! Don’t hop off. Stick around. I have a fun test for you.

I finally did it. I jumped onto Twitter. I’ve been resisting because, frankly, it looked like a waste of time except for an elite “few.” But to my surprise, I’m picking up tons of valuable information from other professionals in my field which includes staying abreast of news in my industry and picking fantastic tips and ideas.

But I’m just a Gobe in a big, wide sea of fish

That said, and with only about 50 followers in each Twitter and Facebook, I’m still left wondering how much value can someone like me add or attract, so I came up with a test. If you decide to get involved, you can also help draw attention to a woman who deserves your recognition.

Bow to the queen

This woman is Patricia Rain, also known as the Vanilla Queen. Patricia is my client and also now a very good friend. I’m so honored to know her. I don’t know anyone who gives back as much as she does. For many years she has worked tirelessly – even while fighting Stage IV breast cancer – as the voice for tropical farmers worldwide, standing up for their rights and educating the planet on the need to support Fair Trade. She is revered and adored around the world, but little known here in her own country.

Too old? Nah. Facebook to the rescue.

At this moment there is a local organization running an award program to recognize local entrepreneurs who are making a difference. Patricia can’t run because she is in her mid sixties, and the award is for those 45 and under. But I decided to nominate her just the same – right on her Facebook business page.

And how cool, I thought, if I could get others to nominate her right there as well, and why shouldn’t I be able to? Isn’t that what social media and viral marketing are supposed to do?

Then I thought, how cool would it be to see if we can get the good that she does broadcast out way beyond her page, and what better way than Facebook and Twitter – or so you all say.

Anyone out there? Can you heaaarrrrr meeeee?

So I came up with this idea. At the same time it’s a very cool way to see if this Facebook and Twitter stuff really works.

Can little ‘ole me, with only 50+ fans and followers have a voice? Will I be heard?

You decide. If you think I can, and you think social media is the best way to get the virus started, then I invite you to do 1 or 2 or both things:

  1. Retweet this post so we can get a count right here on this page how far the message is traveling.
  2. Hop on over to Patricia’s Vanilla.COMpany business page and press “like” on the comment where I nominate her. And why not “Like” her business page while you’re at it. Expect good Karma if you do.

I will report back here periodically to document days and counts so we can see how far and how fast this travels – if it does at all. So be sure to SUBSCRIBE BELOW so you stay updated on the results!

Now it’s up to you.

Retweet, Like, and Share.

Let’s see if social media is really what many claim it is.

Or is it just bu!!sh*t?

Psst. Anyone out there?


November 5, 2010 – Day 2
1 tweet on this page, no new likes for Patricia’s business page, and only 1 vote for her
What shall I conclude from this? That we don’t have enough visibility, which means not enough followers to see what we’re doing, and also that Facebook is selective about what people see on their wall. Even Patricia didn’t comment back to me, so I’m guessing she didn’t even see what I left on her wall. Said another way, we are but a gobe in a big sea of fish.
Maybe this gobe needs to swim into where the big fish are and poke around…
November 9, 2010 – Day 6
3 tweets on this page, 4 new likes for Patricia’s business page
Read the comment from Dennis Fletcher. I wasn’t out Tweet hunting. I just happened on a page where Dennis had just posted his sad story, and feeling his pain, I felt compelled to find him an answer and respond. That in turn brought him here to this site and a Tweet for Patricia.
Moral of this story, when gobes swim around in the big blue sea, there’s a good chance they might be followed home.


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