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Stop playing cat & mouse with your customers!

How to increase your blog following. Just show a little chest is all.

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I just got this on my Facebook wall:

“Hi Kathy, you are my resident expert…I am trying to increase the audience of my new blog, Stepford Husband, do you have any tips or suggestions?”

David’s post came with this picture on his blog:

Now tell me, if you saw that wouldn’t you follow it?

David, David, David, and you’re asking me for help?

Ok, ok, so that’s not what you meant, but seriously, you are doing something right, VERY RIGHT, and I don’t think I need to tell you what that is.

But I’ll tell you anyway.

Satisfy them, then make them hunger for more.

It doesn’t matter what your topic or how you present it,

if you give your readers (or your voyeurs)

something that moves them (alright, don’t get any ideas),…

delights them (now, now),…

excites them (uh, oh),…

or in any way leaves them with something memorable (oh my),…

you’ve reached the pinnacle of success (yow!).

This can be an an image, a video, a simple comment, or a treatise. It doesn’t matter.

As long as you’ve satisfied them (sorry, mom)

and made them beg for more, (ooooh),…

you’re doing it right.

So in practical terms, what does that mean?

It means you START with making your blog inviting, interesting, compelling, exciting, memorable, yada, yada.

Did you get that?

This is how you START. Don’t even think about building a following until you do that.

And David, I don’t have to tell you that. You already know that. You are an amazing, brilliant fashion designer.

You wouldn’t think of going out in public in a red leisure polyester suit with a wide collared purple shirt would you?

So start smart. Put on your best suit. Then step outside.

Ok, so let’s say you do that. Your blog is as jaw dropping as that hunk, I mean that Christmas outfit on your blog.

Now that you’re all dolled up, what now? Where can you go to get the head turns, the cat calls, whistles, and follows for your blog?

Guess what? David, you did that right too!

You posted on my wall and your post included that gorgeous hunk of a man which made me stop, look and listen.

And look what else that did!

You got me to write about it and even include a back link to your blog. Google loves that and now that I’m linking on man’s Christmas outfit, you might even come up in a query for that term! And I linked to your Facebook page! All that will help.

So, David, to answer your question.

You are on the right track. Social media is one of the best ways to get a following. It’s working for you today. Do what you did today with me again and again.

And then to extend your reach, do this:

  • LIKE Facebook business pages that are relevant to what you’re trying to do and have the kinds of followers you wish you had. Then get active on those pages. Your goal here is to be visible and to make friends. Don’t be spammy on someone else’s wall! Ask questions, answer questions, comment on posts, share your expertise IF applicable, but be careful. Don’t be spammy.
  • Join up with the same and similar at Twitter and start tweeting comments relevant to their interests to get their attention. Occasionally, post your blog link to a new article. Again, don’t get spammy.
  • In both Facebook and Twitter, build relationships. This is not just about you. Post about others’ blogs. Tweet and retweet about others. Support them in their hard work.  Spread the love and it will come back to you.
  • Create a fashion “list” in Twitter that includes leaders in the field. Include yourself. They’ll see you listed them and may list you back, especially if you’ve got great tweets and you are tweeting or retweeting them. As an example, here’s a list I built of Local SEO experts. It’s a function of Twitter and a very powerful tool!
  • Create a paper.li newspaper that will be built from your Twitter fashion list. It’s self-explanatory when you get there. But build your list first. As an example, you can see the Paper.li newspaper I created here with my Local SEO Twitter list.

Tagging, sharing and commenting with Blogger Monday

And here’s one final tip. I love what Ann Evanston is doing on her BloggerMonday Facebook wall. (You’re welcome, Anne. See how social media works, David?)

I wouldn’t be surprised if Anne popped in to say thank you too. How would she know? Because I “tagged” her on my Facebook wall using the @ command. Check it out. She got that “tag” on her wall too. But careful with that. Don’t spam. I felt this was ok because I’m singing her praises here.

Anyway, back to Blogger Monday, every Monday, the first 10 who post their blogs on her wall get to play the game. Everyone playing has to read and comment on everyone else’s post and on this Facebook wall.

You get exposure among the followers and others landing on the BloggerMonday wall. At the end if you’ve done it right, Ann will then Tweet your post to her list of 10,000.

That’s a lot of exposure, but before you play, don’t forget what I told you in the beginning.

To summarize…

If you try to pass off what follows as a tantalizing, delicious, appetizing, beg-for-more post…

ugly man

It just ain’t going to happen for you.

Stay stylish, David! To your success!
I’ll be following. 😉

Photo credit: http://www.grimmemennesker.dk/ugly-people-571.htm


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