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To follow or nofollow? Blog commenting as a link-building strategy

[2014 Addendum – Things have changed since this was written in 2010. Google has come down on blog commenting so if there is any SEO value at all, it’s probably slim. But the advice here is still good. Do as I do and comment in other’s blogs to bring value to what they offer. You’ll build great SUPPORTIVE relationships that way. And you’ll get traffic and business if your comments are smart. I just got 2 new clients last week alone as a result, and one is on the other side of the blog.]

By far the number one thing you can do to increase your position in Google is to get inbound links. There are many ways to do this which I will cover in other blog posts here, but today I want to talk about blog commenting.

Scroll down to the bottom of this blog post and you’ll see a comment box. Not all blogs have these, but most do because most bloggers enjoy getting comments from their readers. Kat’s Meow is a new blog, so there are no comments here yet to see, but if you look at other blogs that have history, chances are you’ll see lots of comments. Notice too that quite often included with those comments is the author’s name and along with that a link to their website. Nice easy way to get a link to your site, isn’t it?

So you’re on Google’s page 3? So what. Do your research.

Allan approached me recently about the possibility of doing some search engine optimization work on his site but said he’d get back to me. He wanted to discuss it with his webmaster to see if they can pull up their position in Google themselves and save cost.

He got back to me today…

“Hi Kathy,

Thank you for the input…we have done a few things to increase our visibility…and we are moving up in the search…we have gotten an increase in our phone calls and we have been asked to do a presentation to the Monterey Bay Professional Wedding Planners group next Tuesday on mediation for their profession (we gave a talk at Next Space so they found that citation on the web).” [It should be noted that the increase in business came from a citation on Next Space’s website.]

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