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How to create 301 redirects

An essential task to complete when transferring your site or pages to a new URL

Anytime you transfer pages to a new URL, it’s imperative that you let Google know where to find these new pages. You do this with 301 redirects. These instructions tell Google that those pages have been permanently moved, and it will respond by updating it’s index. Here’s how to do that.

SEO for medical writers and other service professionals

getting found in the search engines is tough

Or, how does a little Goby get found in a sea of sturgeon?

Do a query in Google, and you’ll see that there are over 10 MILLION pages competing for the keywords “medical writer.” With that much competition how can a freelance medical writer get found in Google?

Sound impossible? It’s not. Follow these SEO tips in the following Powerpoint presentation that was given to the Northern California Chapter of the American Medical Writers Association on November, 6, 2011, and you too can rise to the top.

Have questions?

Admittedly, Powerpoint slides are never as good as an actual video as they don’t include the audio. So if you have questions, please be sure to leave them in the comments and I’ll do my best to answer.

SEO for Web Designers

Or, what I learned from Hedgehog Books

Way, way back in time, I took on the job of creating an online bookstore for a couple of teachers who wanted to provide a place where parents could find and buy teacher-recommended books for their children. The name of the site was “Hedgehog Books.”

The name itself conjured up all kinds of cutesy things so we hired an artist to paint our home page, and cute it was. Our artist created a forest scene for us with a hedgehog reading a book to a group of fine, fun, and furry friends. When she was done, I took it into Photoshop and painted in street signs to serve as links into the site. It was, I have to say, when of the cutest home pages I had ever seen.

3 Things Your Local Business Website Must Have

Local SEO advice coming your way via Kat & Mouse’s “Free SEO Friday” audit for KickAss Coach

Congratulations to Vicki Garcia for winning our free site audit! Follow along as I tell Vicki how she can improve her website so that it ranks high in Google Places for local business search queries.

To begin, let me compliment Vicki on her great looking website! No one should underestimate the value of a pretty page. It speaks of her professionalism and her insistence on quality which as a consumer might also lead me to believe she does the same in her business.

SEO site audit: Learn how a small distributorship can compete for national market share in Google

“Free SEO Friday” audit for Going Green Promos

Hopefully in Magda’s marketing seminar SEO site audit in Part 1 you can see what goes on in the mind of an SEO and how they dev1elop a keyword strategy. It’s not easy and takes a lot of thought, not to mention trial and error over time. Let’s move on to Going Green Promos now and see what an up-and-coming distributorship of promotional products needs to do compete nationally. Some of what Ted needs was already covered in Part 1, so be sure to read that first if you haven’t already.

SEO site audit: Local businesses need to stay out of the ocean and keep to the pond.

“Free SEO Friday” audit for Marketing Plan Seminar

free seo auditHow can a local marketing consultant optimize her site to attract more customers and students for her marketing class? This is what I told her.

Normally on FREE SEO Friday at Kat & Mouse’s Facebook Page we do one free site audit, but today I’ve chosen two: Marketing Plan Retreats and Going Green Promos. (Notice how the winners also get an SEO-powerful, inbound link! 🙂

Why two? And why these two that seem so unrelated?

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