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Businesses, here’s a great sponsor link opportunity to help your SEO

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This sponsorship offer has passed.

But local businesses, look for opportunities like this to get inbound links. Your business benefits, but so do those you support. It’s a win/win.

Here are some search queries to perform to find your own sponsor opportunities:

“become a sponsor”
“our supporters”

And if you want to find those sponsorship opportunities in your city simply add + “your city” to those queries.


You’ve heard it over and over again. You need links on other sites pointing to yours to climb in Google. And that in turn gets you seen and then brings you customers. And you’ve heard SEOs state over and over again that a great way to get those inbound links is by sponsoring a non-profit, an event, or your community’s little league, for example, because typically those organizations will list you as a sponsor on their website along with a link.

Today, I’m offering businesses something much more beneficial than your typical sponsor links.

If you know SEO at all, you know that you can increase the power of your link juice in the following ways:

  1. You send a stronger signal to Google if you are the only or one of just a FEW outgoing links on a page. I’m limiting this to only 10 per page!
  2. Link to your site on your keywords as opposed to just linking on your business name.
  3. Have your link reside on a website or page that has related content to the service or product that you offer. Google looks for relevancy, and the content around your link provides that important signal to them.

I’m about to provide you with an opportunity to get all 3! (See examples of our sponsor links here.)

Plus, LOCAL BUSINESSES, you can also include your address and phone number. Also known as a local citation,  this will help your Google Places rank as well.

But first a bit about the sponsorship and what it is you’d actually be helping (besides your business)

A few months ago I found out that my cousin Lisa was diagnosed with Leukemia so when my friend asked me to join Team in Training and cycle around Lake Tahoe to benefit Leukemia research, I agreed to do it – for Lisa, for Pierce who you see in the picture on the right and who died from Leukemia, and for us all.

Now I hadn’t been on a bike in years and the most I had ever ridden was 5 miles, so it didn’t take me long to realize I may have bitten off more than I could chew. 100 miles is the goal and the ride is anything but flat.

But I’m committed to doing this. The training is grueling, at times even agonizing, but it’s nothing compared to what cancer patients go through. I want to do this for them.

And I want to do this for my cousin, for Pierce Huston and his family, and for all those suffering with the disease today or tomorrow. I hope you will too.

Here’s what you get in recognition of your generosity

I want to show my appreciation and also give you recognition for your generous support of LLS in the following ways.

  • Donate $15 and I will give you a link to your home page on your business name. (Google responds back with a nudge to the top!)
  • Donate $50 and I will give you a link to your home page, on one of your keywords or keyword phrase. (Google pushes you up!)
  • Donate $100 and you get 3 links to 3 different pages on your website, all on keyword anchor text and on a page shared only by related businesses. (The ultimate Google boost!)

Sound appealing? It should. I’ve seen just one good link catapult a site to position 1! Depending on your competition, it could happen to you too. Get 3 links and you have even a better chance!

And here’s how to get your inbound link or links, as the case may be…

1. Go to the Team in Training sponsor page and leave your donation. (That link takes you to a Kat & Mouse team member page. We’re spreading the donation love!)

2. Then send us an email with:

  • “Google love” in the subject line
  • the name you left the donation in
  • your website url
  • keywords to link on for $50-$100 donations and pages to link to for the $100 donation
  • address and phone number
  • description – $50 donors get 250 characters, $100 get 500. (Don’t worry if you go over a little. You can count characters here.)

That’s it. Simple.

And the good news is that not only is this an investment in your business, you’re also stepping forward to help put an end to blood cancers. That’s the most important thing!

SEOs – Here’s a special deal for your clients.

Bring 5 sponsors and they only need to donate at least half the amount to get the same link love. But you have to provide the HTML for all, which you probably love to do anyway. (It gives you more control!)

IMPORTANT qualification – No bad neighborhood links, please!

Kat & Mouse reserves the right to decide which businesses may take advantage of this offer. While we’ll never stop you from donating, we only want quality businesses appearing in our list of sponsors to assure that Google’s “bad neighborhood” policy does not negatively affect any one of our sponsors.

This means adult or otherwise sex related sites will not be accepted, nor will any that are engaged in illegal activity. We will also not accept low quality blog networks or affiliate marketing websites that are full of spammy content to full the search engines.

Please only respond if you are a reputable business that others would not mind being in the same neighborhood with. You know who you are.

And here are our sponsors as they come in. You will get links like these.

Thank you for your support! And as they say at Team in Training, and as Pierce declared on his sign, “Go Team!”


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