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The law of attraction and the power behind the “Secret” – Is it true?

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Can you manifest a successful business, a beautiful home, or a dream vacation with just your intention?

Can we really attract everything we desire? Is there something to the philosophy behind “The Secret”? Once a skeptic, I’m beginning to think there just might be something to this law of attraction fever.

Let me go back a couple of years because you have to hear it all and then you, too, may be a believer. I could go back even further because there is more to tell with just as much impact as now, but it’s already long and convincing enough by just keeping to the more recent details. I’ll write a book later and fill you in on the rest.

Leaving the comforts of home

About two years ago I left a long marriage because I felt there were things that I needed to get to (I’ll save that for the book too). After five years of chronic pain which sent my little business on a nosedive, and a bad economy that sent my husband’s business into the pits, I left a comfortable life for the vast unknown with little means of support but a lot of trust that the universe would catch me.

Request 1

Free place to live

First order of business was to find a place to live – FOR FREE since I was walking out empty handed.

“Coincidentally,” my son had vacated his home and was about to leave it in the hands of the banks. In the interim, it was vacant and I moved into a little cabin in the redwoods rent-free which was the perfect price for me.

Gift one, but just thought it a coincidence. Months later when it looked like the bank was ready to give me the boot I started looking for a new home.

2nd home – free for the taking – AGAIN

Given that the economy was still tanked and I was still working on building my business back up I began to look for the most economical place I could find that would also meet my needs.

Request 2

“What I really need,” I thought, “was more free rent so I can invest what I make back into my business. Perhaps I could find someone who might need a housesitter, maybe even a professor going on sabatical and who needs someone to watch his home and pets while he was away.”

There was nothing in Craigslist like that, but the very next day I get a call from my client who started off the conversation telling me about her current personal situation. “I don’t know what I’m going to do. My boyfriend has moved to LA. My dance teacher is there now. I’m always flying down there, but I can’t take my dogs. I’m thinking of renting an apartment for them and getting someone to watch them, but I don’t want renters in my place because they’ll ruin the priceless antiques I have there and I don’t want to move them out into storage. What I need is someone to move in and watch the dogs.”

Of course I raised my hand. “How much?” I asked.

“Well, free, of course,” she replied.

And there I lived in a big beautiful home in Menlo Park with a maid who came in and cleaned 3 times a week and a houseboy who would change a lightbulb for me if I asked. And all I had to do was love, feed and walk her three darling, little Cavalier Spaniels.

3rd home – My perfect cottage

Six months later, it comes time to move again because the owner of the home decided to sell. So to get the house ready to stage, I was asked to leave, and back to Craigslist I go.

Request 3

This time I’m thinking what I really want is to be in Saratoga or Los Gatos because it’s closer to my kids and because I love the country setting because it reminds me of home. I also expressed my desire for a place with lots of windows and light, a big enough room for my grand piano, and no shared walls so I could play it.

I started looking but everything is expensive here and the only things in what I thought was my price range (I don’t think that way any more!) are all just cramped apartments. But then I thought, “Well, maybe Craigslist is not all there is.” So I googled “homes for rent Saratoga” and landed on an obscure rental listing site that I can’t even find anymore. There I saw this cottage in Saratoga.

“That’s strange,” I thought. I saw this place on Craigslist before I took the Menlo Park home. “Why on earth is it still for rent? I bet this is a mistake.” But I sent an email off just in case, and asked, “Is this place still for rent?”

The response surprised me. “YES!!” was what I got.

“That’s odd,” I thought. “Why are they surprised I asked?”

In the back door

It turns out, that the property manager didn’t know the ad was up. She had it up on Craigslist months before, but they took it down when they found out the planning department was going to require they tear it down to remodel the big house. But unbeknownst to her, this other little obscure site had picked up the ad from Craigslist and posted it there, and they never took it down so it was there for me to find.

Just the night before I stumbled upon the ad, the owners of the cottage decided to put it back up for rent while they waited for the planning department to make up their minds. And then I came along in the back door, so to speak, before the property manager even had a chance to put the ad up. She had NO IDEA the ad was even up on the other site because in the six months or so that it was there, no one else had found it and contacted her!

I met her that evening and gave her my application. It was everything I had “asked” for – Saratoga, lots of windows, country setting, no shared walls, and room for my piano – and, evidently, I was the tenant they had hoped to attract. Had my application not arrived before the hordes that would surely have come had the ad hit the airwaves, I might not have been so “lucky.”

Not quite perfect, but exactly as I ENVISIONED it

I was the one chosen, and I’ve now had the pleasure of living in the near-perfect home for almost a year. Why do I say “near” perfect? Because it was missing something very important to me that I didn’t think about. The kitchen was too small to entertain and there just wasn’t room to have all my kids and grandkids over for a meal. It seems I had forgotten to express this very important detail! But it was perfect enough, and I’ve been perfectly happy here in this little Shangri-La for almost one year.

Time to move again – It just keeps getting better

But even near-perfect things come to an end, and just last month I got the message that it looked like the planning department was going to give the go-ahead on the remodel and that my days in the cottage were numbered. There was no notice given, but just in case something this wonderful came up for rent again, I thought I’d better snag it while I could and not be left in the lurch when I finally did get a formal notice to vacate.

So back to Craigslist I go. But this time I added more to my list of wants. I wanted to be in Saratoga. I needed my windows, and no shared walls and the room for the piano. And I loved being behind a locked gate on a beautiful piece of land.

Request 4

But this time I insisted on a bigger kitchen and at least a room big enough to put a big dining table for my family so I could have them all over for dinner. And my business was taking off so I wanted room for 3 or 4 desks so I can work from home for awhile until I absolutely had to move into an office.

There was nothing in Craiglist, but I figured it would be there when the time was right, so I didn’t worry.

Upping the ante with the ten million dollar view

A couple of weeks later I was out for a drive with Kevin and he took me up this hill in Saratoga where I see the most beautiful view and I ask him to stop so I can take it in. It took my breath away, and I said to him, “Now this is where I want to live.”

And he said to me, “Manifest it. You’ve been batting 1000 so far. You can do it.”

Unfortunately, it was in a neighborhood of $5,000,000 Saratoga homes so I chuckled as if it was unbelievable, then caught myself. “Ok,” I said. “You’re right. Why not? I’ll manifest it. I’ve done it before. I can do it again. I’m adding a million dollar view to my list.”


The next day I’m on Craigslist looking again and not seeing anything I liked, then I thought, “Wait a minute. If I have my office in the home, I don’t need to pay for office rent. I can up my rental price and still break even.” So I changed my search query in Craigslist, and there pops up an ad that looks intriguing to me.

“Private, secluded cottage behind a locked gate in Saratoga on a beautiful piece of property.” I click to see the pictures. First up is the living room. “Wow, great!” I’m thinking. “Room for my piano.” Next up the kitchen. It was clearly big enough to entertain and off to the side in what used to be a dinette area, it looks like was a built-in desk for 2 and room for my two rollaway desks that I had just bought. “Perfect!” I thought. “There’s my office! Built-in and ready to go. Better than I hoped!” Then I clicked on the image labeled “The view.”

I gasped. Almost fainted, actually. It was “the” view. So close to the view I saw the other day, that I thought it was the same one. This is a million dollar view. No, I’m told, a ten million dollar view. What are the odds?

Of course, I called immediately and was even more pleased to find that what they didn’t say in the ad was that there is a large dining room big enough for a long table to seat at least twelve. It was everything I wished for and after a grueling application process I got it. Of course, along with the house comes a much higher rent I need to come up with each month, but how could I possibly even think that could be a problem after all this?

There was one problem though, or so it seemed.

The VERY NEXT DAY, I got a notice to vacate. How perfect is that! It was time to begin the remodel process and time for me to move on. Rent papers in hand I was ready. There was just one problem.

While the new place was ready for me, I still had to give 30 days notice because the notice to vacate I got was for 60 days.

This meant I had to pay double rent that month, one for the new house and one for the old plus a really hefty security deposit. I did not have that much cash and wondered where I could get it!

I had heard that the owner of the big home in front of the cottage took a job in town and was coming down early before his family would arrive at school’s end. He was looking for a place to rent, so I was hoping that was my solution. Maybe he could move in here and save me that rent! However, he didn’t need it that soon, and so I just accepted that I would have to pay the two rents that month, until…

Something’s rotten in Denmark but it sure is starting to smell like a rose

Yesterday we noticed the smell of gas on the property and notified the property manager who then called PGE and then a plumber who then determined that there was a MASSIVE gas leak on the property. After investigation, it was determined that the gas line coming to my cottage would have to be dug up and replaced to the tune of about $60,000 dollars!

Needless to say, with the place coming down soon, they weren’t about to put repairs into it, so…

They decided to let me out of my 30 day requirement and give me back my rent check. I’m allowed to stay here free of rent, along with free electricity, until I move out!

There is, of course, no heat, no hot water and no stove, which is a nuisance, but I have a place to stay at night and I can still work here during the day. Weather’s been nice enough so it should be fine. No, take that back. It will be fine. That’s what I intend it to be, and so it shall be so.

There’s a good chance this leak has been going on for some time. Had it been discovered weeks before, I would have had to leave. With no place to go, I would have settled on whatever I could find. But it all worked out perfectly in perfect time.

So, what is going on here and what is my “secret”?

If you’re wondering what I do or if there is a special secret to attracting your desires, I would answer that I have no secret. Neither do I have anything special I do. But I have friends who do. They have vision boards, attend “The Secret” workshops, etc. I don’t, yet I manifest and they don’t. Why is that? Frankly, I don’t know. Does anyone know? Perhaps attitude is the secret.

1. Have no fear

What I can tell you is this. I’ve felt for sometime that I was supposed to be doing something else with my life. Doors were opening for me, but I wasn’t going through. It wasn’t until I trusted and took that leap that manifestations started pouring in. Are you holding back from something you know or feel you should be doing? Maybe in so doing you are holding back what is really meant to be for you.

2. Be happy

Another thing about me is that I’m a very happy, positive person. I live in the NOW and believe in my heart that happiness is a choice. So I choose to live in happiness, and I would add to that statement “no matter what my circumstances” except that would be admitting that I’ve had bad circumstances. None of my circumstances are bad; they’re just circumstances.

So maybe that’s part of it too. Maybe being positive and optimistic is a key. Maybe a happy energy is an inviting one. Can you rethink your situation and choose to be happy?

How do you do that? Don’t be slave to your problems. Don’t dwell on them or complain about them. Don’t be absorbed in them. Don’t identify yourself with them. You only have problems if you choose to label them as such. Otherwise, they’re just circumstances and opportunities. Be positive. Be grateful for what you have. Choose happiness.

3. Be specific

As you’ve probably noticed, I was very specific in my requests. And then I let it go, and in the ability to just let it go may lie the secret. I don’t need a vision board, but perhaps you do. If you do, then maybe you can work on why you do. Maybe a vision board helps keep at bay trepidations, uncertainty, negative emotions, and limiting beliefs, and maybe it’s all that that gets in your way. I don’t know. I have more questions than I have answers. I just know that I’m always very specific, not intentionally for the sake of specificity, but INTENTionally, if that makes sense.

Is this all just luck?

The scientist in me wants to say this is all coincidence, that I’m just “lucky.” But then what is luck?

Rather, it appears something else is going on here. My requests have always been very specific and every single detail has materialized, even the details that I left out and that were left out of the manifestations until I included them. And this has happened time and time again.

Coincidence is not so predictable.

So, this scientific skeptic in me is becoming a believer. In what I do not know exactly. I just wish I could CAN it all for you, whatever “it” is, but given that I have done nothing special to receive it myself, I suspect I don’t have to. I suspect it’s all right there for the taking, for you and for everyone. And maybe that’s the only secret you need to know.

Blessings and much success to you all! And whatever you do, don’t get in the way of my manifestations! You too might end up with a broken pipe.

I hope you’ve gotten some kind of encouragement out of this. If you have, please tweet, share, bookmark and like so your friends can get the same. And if you’ve had similar experiences, please leave them in the comments box below for the enjoyment and inspiration of others.


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