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No way! Seth Godin “LIKED” my Facebook Page?

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Or, “How to use the new Facebook Page update to your business advantage”

If you’re like me you have the Facebook app installed on your iPhone and so you’re used to seeing wall posts and messages light up your phone screen periodically. The other day was no exception, but when one came through early in the morning before the break of dawn and lit up my bedside table where my iPhone lay, I really took notice. Who’s up so early I wondered? I picked up my iPhone to see.

There was the message that awoke me out of my slumber, “You got Seth Godin to LIKE your Facebook Page! Way to go!”

Now if you’re anybody in the marketing world, you know who Seth Godin is, originator of the concept of permission marketing and author of Unleashing the Ideavirus. He’s the type of gets who gets 1,000,000 liking his Facebook Page, and not the type who would find much interest or time to go around liking Pages of those who bow before him.

So when the words “Seth Godin LIKED your Facebook Page” fired up my neurons, that was enough to get me out of bed to go see for myself.

Was it that he happened on my PAGE for our FREE SEO Friday when we give away free SEO audits, and he liked what we were doing for others? Or did we happen to say something brilliant yesterday that caught his attention?

Though I wanted to know, it made no difference his reason. What mattered was that Seth Godin “liked” our Page!

And so I looked, anxious to see Seth’s picture in our list of “likees.” What I saw, though, was a bit of a disappointment.

And I got up for this?

There where we are all used to seeing pictures of those who like our Pages, up until Facebook’s new upgrade the day before, were MY “likes” – not those who “like me.” And since I “liked” Seth Godin the day before, his handsome mug was there front and center.

One day, I thought. Maybe one day I can get Seth Godin’s attention, but today was not the day.

Still, there was a silver lining to all this.

Seth Godin may not “like” our Page, but I like him on it. Why? Because he adds credibility to our business Page – whether or not someone mistakenly thinks he “liked” us and not the reverse. How so?

By “liking” Seth Godin, I associate my business with him. You know, “Birds of a feather…” and all that – at least with those who know who Seth Godin is, and that may not be many who follow us on our page. But we’ll get back to that in a minute.

Thanks to this new, more prominent display and the fact that you can now “like” Pages “as a Page” (or as a business) and not only as an individual, you have a very nice visual tool to communicate who and what your business follows, admires, or respects to your Page visitors and potential customers. This can say a lot about your business.

Like judiciously

So, make careful choices when “liking” in Facebook. Go ahead and “like” freely as an individual, but when “Using Facebook as a Page (or business),” as they call it, why not add some “likes” that say something about who you are? Likewise, you might want to avoid “liking” some that could turn your target market away. For example…

If you’re a veterinarian, might adding a “like” for PETA convey a good message for your business. Or would it hurt?
If you’re a naturopath, would you want to “like” McDonald’s?

Not everyone knows who Seth Godin is.

Here’s something else to consider. As an online marketer, there are a lot of Pages related to my industry that I love on Facebook, and I may get around to “liking” them all, but my target market probably has no idea who they are, just like most don’t know who Seth Godin is.

So having them as “likes” on my Page would have about as much impact as Justin Bieber having Paul McCartney on his (and now I can hear a lot of you asking, “Paul who?”)

But I can tell them in other ways and with my “likes” how we do business. For example, I could “like” some Pages that convey honesty and integrity. For me that might be Eckhart Tolle. To show that we’re socially conscious, which also means we care about others and the environment and by extension our customers, I might choose Care2. To show we’re intelligent and informed which also relates to our business, I could like Ted.

Make sure your house is clean cause we’re all invited to dinner.

Point is, social media is very transparent. Depending on how involved you are in it, a lot of what we do, think and say is there for the world to see and form opinions on. Your Facebook Page, done right, is a vehicle you can use to lead your customers to the right opinion about you and your business. Hopefully, you’re using it to your advantage.

So, what do you think, Seth? Do you “like” it?

Regardless of what Seth thinks, we hope the rest of you find this blog helpful, and if you do, please spread the word, tweet, share and for pete’s sake, please “like” Kat & Mouse’s Facebook Page! Why? Because…

You may not be Seth Godin, but you’re every bit as important to us!



Top Kat at Kat & Mouse Co.
Kathy (aka Kat) is one of the internet's original Digital Divas and freely shares her expertise in the fields of web design, SEO, Local SEO, social media marketing, content development, PPC, and conversion optimization to help businesses succeed online. Sadly, she's allergic to cats.

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Kathy (aka Kat) is one of the internet's original Digital Divas and freely shares her expertise in the fields of web design, SEO, Local SEO, social media marketing, content development, PPC, and conversion optimization to help businesses succeed online. Sadly, she's allergic to cats.

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